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True or false questions please help me (science questions)?

true or false?

1) balanced forces cause acceleration?

2) the forces acting on an object staying at rest are unbalanced.

3) net force acting on an object causes acceleration.

4) force is not required for an object to accelerate.

please help me on these science question's!!!give the most correct answer possible pleeeassseeee!(:True or false questions please help me (science questions)?
Well my best guess is going to be:





Wait for more answers, but I am pretty sure that's right

True or false science questions?

1. True or False?

Momentum is a property of an object and cannot be transferred from that object to another.

2. True or False?

Acceleration is defined as the rate of change in position.

3. True or False?

The more dense area of a compressional wave is calles a rarefaction.(s/p)

4. True or False?

When two or more waves combine to become a new wave, the process is called interference.

5. What is the Keppler effect?True or false science questions?
Momentum is a property of an object and cannot be transferred from that object to another.

False. Momentum is frequently transferred between objects in collisions.

Acceleration is defined as the rate of change in position.

False. The time rate of change of position is called ';velocity.'; Acceleration is the time rate of change of velocity.

The more dense area of a compressional wave is calles a rarefaction.(s/p)

False. The least dense area of a wave is a rarefaction. The more dense area is called a compression.

When two or more waves combine to become a new wave, the process is called interference.


Please help with two biology True or False questions...?

[1] According to natural selection, individual organisms can evolve new phenotypes in response to their environment.

[2] Because of taxonomy, scientists always agree on the species of animals.Please help with two biology True or False questions...?
1. True, phenotypes are simply the characteristic/traits of a particular organism

2. False, scientists never always agree.

Would you answer these true or false questions?

If the answer is False, please put the correct answer

Brock Lesnar was ALWAYS on the Smackdown brand during his WWE career

Kurt Angle was a Smackdown GM

Teddy Long managed Mark Jindrak on Raw

JR was never a heel

Matt Morgan was part of Team Lesnar

Heidenreich never had a manager in WWE

John Cenas first main event PPV match was against Brock LesnarWould you answer these true or false questions?
False - on Raw and had a fued with RVD during the King of the Ring

True - when Big Show threw him of the stage

False - it was on SD in July 2004, then Teddy turned face and became GM on SD

False - he was in 1996, very briefly


False - Paul Heyman, Michelle MCcOOL and Christy Hemme was (with Animal)

True - WWE Title at Backlash

Good Questions, had to make me think back

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Hope this helpsWould you answer these true or false questions?
1.I guess ..False,he was in RAW before the appearance of GMs for each brand

2.True...after Paul Heyman was in SD

4.False..he was Heel for short period

5.True...Survivor Series 2003.

6.False....Paul Heyman managed him for short period was for WWE championship in 2003.
1. F, he was on RAW also

2. T

3. T

4. T

5. F, pual heyman was his manager

6. F, it was against Kurt Angle.


False- It was on Velocity and Smackdown

False- He was a heel


False- Paul Heyman was his manager

False- Chris Jericho
Not doing this for BA so i'll so i'm not going to put the right answer if i can't think of it off the top of my head.







false,he was on raw when he first startes


false he managed him on smackdown

false he was heel sometime in the 90's


false he had paul heyman at his start,then chrisy hemme in L.O.D

1. False

2. True

3. True

4. False

5. True

6. False

7. True

false -he was always a raw gm






true but only a few shows

false i think

jr turned heel on raw when he brought in a fake razor and diesel


false he did have a manager



















false brock lesnar was a part off raw brand for a while

true kurt angle was the gm off smack down for a while before he gt fired by vince and made kurt angle an active wrestler

true teddy long managed mark jindrak on raw to help out his career also teddy long managed mark henry.

true jim ross has all ways been a face

true matt morgan along side with nathan jones the big show and a train was about off brock lesnar team

true heidenreich never had a manager he was all ways doing it with him self

john cena first ppv with brock lesnar false

Two true or false questions?

The Amount of water vapor that a volume of air can hold decreases as air termperature rises. True or false?

The heat energy necessary for evaporation of ocean water is absorbed from the sun. True or false?

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could answer these two questions. Thanks.Two true or false questions?


ABSORBED BY THE SUN?? Are you like, bereft???

How could the sun ABSORB heat from us? The sun is the SOURCE of our heat. That's like the government giving you a refund and THEN TAXING YOU on your refund.

Why do so many questions about LDS get deleted? Are the LDS afraid to admit that they are false?

Why do so many questions about LDS get deleted? Are the LDS afraid to admit that they are false?Why do so many questions about LDS get deleted? Are the LDS afraid to admit that they are false?
I've never reported an anti-LDS question. Generally the worst ones are gone before I even get an opportunity to click on 'em. The other ones, I just roll my eyes at.

The only questions I've reported that I can remember were anti-Semitic, actually.Why do so many questions about LDS get deleted? Are the LDS afraid to admit that they are false?
Ha ha, you can't even spell liar.

Report Abuse

I've seen several where LDS weren't the only ones offended by the question. If the purpose of a question is to bash someone's religion rather than to actually have a question answered, it technically violates the TOS from Yahoo. I generally don't report people, but I can see where people, whether LDS or not would feel inclined to do so. Calling someone a cult, asking about their underwear, claiming they don't believe in something they state they do...those aren't real questions. That's just trying to anger people. The questions I like to answer are the ones where someone has a sincere question and wants a real answer. You can often tell which ones they are, but a dead giveaway on the ones that aren't sincere are the ones who ask a question directed to Mormons, get lots of really insightful, well-documented answers, then intentionally choose as best answer someone who spews out as much hate as possible.
I don't know about any deleted questions and am in no way afraid of people who don't agree with the LDS theology. Sadly, their is a ton of misinformation out there so please do not repeat something you've heard unless you've confirmed the facts. Mormons do believe that Jesus Christ is their ultimate Savior and accept Him as such. As for the Trinity, we do believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Sadly, there is a closet industry in defaming the LDS church and millions of very willing customers. Seems easier and more fun to call someone weird or different than to actually try to understand them. Maybe that is why some of the questions are deleted. Maybe they are loaded hateful questions. I personally love to answer anyone who actually would like to understand my religion better. The thing about killing people is kind of silly.
I'm Catholic and even tho i consider my Church as the only Church Christ founded and promised that nothing will destroy it,i still find your question insulting to Mormons with no need for it. After the Mormons whose next ? Catholics,JW's Baptist. Why could you not simply had asked the Mormons if they feel questions are being deleted about them unfairly.
They are a bit sensitive to the cult thing, the underwear thing, the charitable donations that don't reflect the wealth of their church thing, the scandal thing and other things.

But hey, if their church is true it can stand up to scruitiny, they shouldn't feel embarrassed, but answer with conviction.

The Catholic Church can take it on the snout and change and reinvent itself - eventually. It gets called all sorts of terrible things.
Who knows.

I came home to a question deleted because some christian nut job had issue with the fact I don't believe in the bible (they sent me a long private e-mail explaining how the end of days would go down...sheesh).

However, your claim that they are ';false'; is an error.

They are no more false than any other christian denomination.
you can thank the avatar Ben or his alter egos Benny or Mister, he changes them as soon as you put him on your block list so he can chnage his avatr and his name and remove some more questions because other avatras have not been chnaged. watch for this sneaky mormon. Ben means right hand of God, but I think in his case, it is th eleft hand of God. Oh he is now ';Mormon who lives magic underwear.';
*rolls eyes* yes, because when you type ';LDS'; or ';Mormon'; in the search box, only positive things come up.

Quit sensationalizing like always.
So many questions about mainstream christians and muslims get deleted too.

do you have any data showing a statistical trend?
Logically, wouldn't this (faulty) assumption apply to all deleted questions?
I do not know. I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes I am LDS and proud of it!
They say it exactly like this (when they talk out loud to themselves), ';no way am I going to have this ***** question my religious views, I'm gonna ice this question.';
Making false accusations is the pasttime of devils.
Maybe because they are insulting and not asked in a respectful way.
A lot of people look down at their religion because they don't believe in the trinity.
All Christianity is false, Slick.
Perhaps it is the aptly named angel Moroni who does it?
Well who knows who is reportin em.
who knows.
It's not just LDS, It's all christians. I had to ask my ';Why do religious people pray, are they displeased with what god gave them?'; question 3 times to get it to post.
They are toolbags that can't stand up to scrutiny or criticism. They know they are weak, so this is the only recourse they can take.
Yes, that is right. They try hard to cover up all there evil. Some even go as for as killing those who leave their church.
It's a cult. Not a faith. Jesus Christ is not their ultimate savior.
probably we dk for sure

see book Kingdom of the cults....they deny the trinity which is a fact..
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  • Question to Christian parents about a child making a false admission of ';wrongdoing'; ?

    How would you react if your child was so scared of being accused of and punished for ';lying'; that he would rather say ';Yes, I did it'; and get punished for a ';misdeed'; that he didn't do than to say ';No. I didn't'; and not be believed and get even worse punishment for ';lying'; even if it was the truth ?Question to Christian parents about a child making a false admission of ';wrongdoing'; ?
    I saw your previous question about this, with the link, and have been mulling it over. The only thing I can come up with is that the child has been told he will get twice the punishment for lying as he would for doing something wrong ... and either it's been applied with a disporportionately heavy hand, or he knows from the past that if he admits a small transgression he gets off with a ';don't do that again, son';. If you had a choice between that and, say, getting grounded for a week or something even more unpleasant, wouldn't it be tempting to claim you did the deed? Adults can reason that doing so is also lying ... but to a kid, even if he stops and thinks about that aspect of it, it's still the lesser of two evils as far as he's concerned.

    If it were my own child, I'd have to re-evaluate the ';lying gets punishment that's twice as bad'; approach; obviously it's not having the desired effect with that particular child.Question to Christian parents about a child making a false admission of ';wrongdoing'; ?
    I would fee very disturbed about my parenting skills. I did teach my kids that it was better to tell the truth and take the consequences that lie to me because there WOULD be an additional consequence for lying, but I had to have proof that they lied before the additional consequence came into effect. I don't think they've ever felt pressured to make a false admission of guilt because they knew that I needed proof, not just my feeling. (In fact, I know my daughter lied to me a lot growing up. She finally stopped when she realized how much it hurt me that she didn't feel she could be truthful with me.)

    edit - God - The First Atheist, You don't consider it delusional to make blanket statements like that? The Christians I know promote honesty, with themselves and with others.
    It happens all the time. My brothers and sisters and I (5 total) did this all the time and when my parents ';found out'; they usually knew that it was a lie, that the one confessing was not the one who did it. We never did it out of fear, rather, who would get the ';least'; amount of punishment.

    My 2 boys and my husbands 3 also did this with each other.

    This has nothing to do with God's judgment, he is just and pure and knows the heart.
    Well, it seems to me that the parent needs to make sure they only punish when they know the truth of a situation and then appropriate discipline AND closure to the ';crime.'; If a child says they did it and they did not you need to figure out why and approach the situation from a different angle. Also, you need to believe the child when they say they are innocent. Only when you can establish this relationship of trust will a child trust you. I always ere on the side of innocence, but if I know the answer I help my children accept their wrong doing and innocence. I still punish AND give closure to the misdeed. If my child took on punishment for a crime I might still punish them because they lied and I punish the real culprit too. My children are 4 and 6 so I admit my limited experience. All I can say is I have great kids and discipline is not really an issue and we have great love and respect for each other. I will continue this and trust God to guide us in our journy.
    What child have you ever met that would admit to doing something he didnt do because he was afraid of punishment?

    Besides...that child just lied by admitting he did something that he didnt do, so in essense he deserves the punishment he didnt originally deserve. Justice served.

    How come you directed this at just Christian parents? Dont atheist parents punish their kids for doing wrong? Dont buddist parents punish their kids too? Jews? hindus? agnostics? no affence but ur son needs to cowboy up and learn that some times lieing is good and if he tells the truth all of the time he wont get very far in life. if you look the big componys in the world do you think that they tell everyone the truth. but tell him that their is a sertain point to lieing. but if hes scared of being punished for lieing i think hes a little to much like a babby.

    well i dont think this helped much but u need to toughen up your son.
    communication is key. The other important understanding is how 'hard' your child is. Some kids you just need to glare at, and they will fall over, others you can hardly dent with a big stick. You need to spend more time with the kid. (I wouldn't punish him for that 'lie', for that would be counterproductive,--- but maybe you could make a joke about punishing him even more for that lie)
    I don't know but I think if you badger someone long enough you will get them to say what ever you want them to say. Just how police get people to confess to something they didn't do. Everyone always wonders how that happens. Well, here is a good example. Do we really want our children to be that afraid of us?
    Commitment, discipline and communication all bounded and rooted together in love is the key. You make mistakes but the child knows that you love them and that you are accountable before God for them.. again, a christian child should know this.
    I think there is a time to let it go temporarily and later confront him. Then there is a time to deal with it on the spot.
    Reevaluate your punishment system seriously.
    You'd tell him to just tell the truth, you know deep down nothing is really going to happen to him haha
    I would rather my child tell the truth. My punishments are never harsh enough to put the kind of fear in him that you are talking about.
    Christians promote delusional thinking
    Teach him to be truthful.

    This sounds like its more about self esteem than religion.
    You give a scenario of a lose-lose situation. My reaction would be that I would be proud of my child in that they had a grasp of the gravity of lying and it's punishment.

    There is a price to be paid sometimes for seeking the truth. A price that the world isnt willing to pay because they hate the truth anyway.
    This is the essence of christianity really though.